About Us

Sarvinarck Music operates as an influential pillar within the dynamic music industry, serving as a nurturing hub for a diverse array of talented artists. Each artist within its roster contributes a unique sonic fingerprint, fostering a rich tapestry of musical diversity. Bella captivates audiences with his emotive vocals and poignant lyrics, while Narci intertwines traditional elements with modern beats, earning acclaim for his innovative approach. MC Insane ignites the hip-hop scene with his razor-sharp lyrics and dynamic flow, addressing personal struggles and societal issues through his tracks. Swattrex crafts intricate electronic soundscapes that transport listeners to ethereal realms, while Gravero weaves narratives filled with raw emotion and powerful storytelling. Prabhash Joshi's fusion of classical and contemporary sounds stands as a testament to musical versatility, and Vinay Katoch's masterful guitar play and reflective compositions offer a tranquil escape for listeners. Together, these artists form the beating heart of Sarvinarck Music, embodying the label's unwavering dedication to curating high-quality, diverse music. Beyond providing a platform for these artists, the label actively champions their work through strategic marketing, collaborations, and global digital distribution, ensuring their sounds resonate across borders. Sarvinarck Music's commitment to excellence in music creation and promotion cements its status as an industry leader in digital music distribution, while also serving as a nurturing sanctuary for artists aiming to make a lasting impact on the world stage.